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Here at Asterion, we take virtual citizenship to a whole new level.


Asterion Space takes virtual citizenship into a new dimension. The virtual world is a decentralized community where everyone is in control of respective issues, and interactions and transactions are powered by distributed computing and blockchain.

The platform is open source, and deploys smart contracts to empower every individual in the voting process. Each token is priced at 1 USD, and proceeds will go towards developing the virtual world and promotions. The demand for the virtualization of commercial projects is too difficult to implement at the moment. In terms of costs and the creation of virtual stores, merging such projects is out of the question.

We have built a platform that allows anyone to create and design commercial VR-spaces without the need to know even the basics of coding and 3D modeling.

Asterion Token

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Managed in partnership with Asterion Space, the bank will handle all the resources of users. Many projects are accused of having useless tokens with no real value. Because of this, their rate always falls.

Given the history of Asterion Space and trends in bitcoin cryptome, Investors will be happy to know they have the opportunity to value their resources a thousand times over. It is predicted that the value of the Asterion or square meter token in this world may be several thousand dollars in the future. The ATR token is an utility token. All users can use them for selling real and virtual goods and services, hiring employees and paying for their work, creating units ( and filling them with objects and content for their individualization). Miners will be paid in tokens for platform support. The unit price is fixed in tokens with a limited number of units. Each unit can have popular and powerful neighbors (for example, a well-known brand). All these factors are indisputable drivers of the utility of the token.

Asterion voting rights

All Asterion Citizens will have voting rights to be part of the Asterion World Governance.

  • No matter what wealth they have, everyonehas equal rights.
  • The decentralized nature of the Bitcoin is an excellentchoice for decentralized governance system.

The real money market economy

Asterion World will offer unique opportunities to combine virtual entertainment with real investment and entrepreneurship. Here are examples of how participants are investing in Asterion.

  • Invest in your Proffesion
  • Invest in land Areas
  • Asterion Land deeds

  • Invest in services, Malls,Banks, public services

Asterion supporter package

Each of Asterion supporter packages including following items

  • VR World Citizenship
  • Virtual passport
  • Voting Rights
  • Part of Asterion Space
  • Enter to space

  • Software Asterion Avatar
  • ATR Tokens
  • Citizenship from 0.05 BTC

Create your Asterion community

Asterion in the world can create their community and use them realize their visions and goals.

  • Community
  • Raise money for your project
  • Meetups with interesting people



At Asterion Space, our vision and mission are to do something new and inventive today. We are creating and realizing a new strategy for the trajectory of humankind.

The Asterion Space is for everyone who wants to be part of something new, something revolutionary. We accept all innovators with open arms. Here, we believe that Civilization has reached a collective understanding of the value of human capital, as well as the creative power of personality in the development of a new society.


Asterion Space comes with token flow service for your business. The new era brings the technologies that make this possible. Crypt clone of your company

Today, Asterion Space takes virtual living one step forward by introducing Token Flow, a unique product that allows companies convert their physical assets into digital. Tokenization is the next step in creating a virtualized civilization. Through tokenization, users can convert rights to an asset into a digital token on a blockchain. The “real world” contains a variety of assets, including stock and real estate. Many of these assets are difficult to physically transfer. Through Asterion Space’s Token Flow, businesses can use this product to work with other companies, transfer assets, create a solid foundation for their business or further develop their results.